Missional Communities

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Missional Communities are the heartbeat of Remedy Church.

If you are wondering what your first step should be or where to best connect to people and get involved at Remedy, Missional Communities are the answer.

You can watch the video above to see a picture of the heart behind Missional Communities. To find out more about Missional Communities at Remedy, read through the info below or get in touch with us. We hope to see you soon!

What are Missional Communities?

Missional Communities are the heartbeat of Remedy Church. They are smaller groups of people who gather regularly to do life and live on-mission together. Missional Communities are designed to be the connecting place where real life happens in community; a church within the church.

Groups gather weekly to spend time together, care for each other, encourage and challenge each other, talk about where scripture and life intersect, pray, and learn to live on-mission in community. Missional Communities are not an add-on to the church, an extra program. They are at the center of everything we do, the heartbeat of Remedy.

Every group gathers at least weekly as a whole, but real life doesn’t happen on a schedule or in a defined group. It happens in the ins and outs of life. While the weekly gathering of a Missional Community is an important part of the group, it should serve as a catalyst to life and mission together.

What is the purpose of Missional Communities?

In a nutshell, the main purpose of Missional Communities at Remedy is live out our identity as a gospel community on mission. This means doing life together, extending the gospel together, and cultivating gospel living in each other.

What happens in a typical gathering?

Exactly what happens in a typical Missional Community gathering depends on the group. The groups are organic, they take on the nature of their members, and they flow with the seasons of life. The best way to understand what happens in a group is to drop in on one.

The general flow of an average group might include talking about life over a meal, praying together for each other and for the needs around us, discussing and applying scripture, or other things. Some weeks could also be given to serving together as a group or simply hanging out as a family.

Who leads the groups?

In short, everyone.

Every group is shepherded by carefully selected and trained leaders. These leaders are responsible for giving direction to the group and serving as shepherds who guide the group. But these leaders are not the teachers or presidents of the group. They serve as guides.

We are a family, which means everyone is a contributor. Every member of the group is responsible for engaging in the life and direction of the group. Missional Communities are designed for interaction, participation, and leadership by the entire group. Community develops as people interact and share life.

When, where, and for how long do they meet?

Missional Communities gather as a group once a week on various nights, depending on the group. The start time varies by group, and the gathering usually lasts between an hour and a half and two hours.

Missional Communities currently meet in various homes in Waxahachie. Some groups may choose to meet at the same place every week while others may rotate. Each group has freedom to decide when, where, and for how long they meet.

Because community develops as life is shared, members of the group will likely find themselves gathering at other times and for things other than just the weekly gathering. Moms and kids may get together for play dates. Men may watch the game together. Families may get together to cook out. Families will serve together. It’s all part of life together in community.

What about kids?

The whole family is part of the Missional Community. That includes the kids. Bring your kids with you and allow them to participate in various elements of the group. The best way for kids to learn to pray, engage scripture, live in community with other believers, and live on-mission is by watching their parents.

Each group has the freedom to decide exactly what to do with their own kids. Some elements may be great for kids to be part of. Others maybe not so much. It may also change from week to week. Exactly how to handle kids is up to the group to decide, and the group leader will help facilitate this decision.

One thing we want to be clear on is that kids are an important part of the group. Involving them in the life of the community is by far the best way for parents to train and disciple them.

Who can be involved?

Anyone can be involved in a Missional Community. Members of Remedy are expected to be part of one, but you don’t have to be a long-time attender or a member to come to one. They’re the best place for new people to get connected and the best way to experience the community of Remedy. Our goal is for everyone who is part of Remedy to be part of a Missional Community.

Can I bring my friends?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage you to bring someone with you to experience gospel community and connect with the people of Remedy. And your friends are also invited to bring their kids. We love kids.

How do I get connected to a Missional Community?

The best way is to go with someone you know or to ask someone at Remedy about theirs. If you don’t know anyone who is currently in a Missional Community contact Aaron and he will help you get connected to one.

We hope to see you soon!

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