We’re expanding!

This past Sunday, February 2, we officially announced that we are moving our Sunday worship gathering to the YMCA, beginning March 23. Like we said Sunday, this is a big move and an exciting time for us as a church. As our church continues to grow and change (Lord willing) we will need additional space and flexibility to accommodate what we do on Sundays. Our new partnership with the YMCA basically fell into our lap after months of praying and trying to discern what was next for our church.

As we laid out on Sunday, the weekend of March 22-23 is going to be a very big one for us. Before we launch at the YMCA on Sunday, we will have our Family Summit on Saturday. Two major events on the same weekend like this isn’t something we’ve ever done before, but we think it will make for a pretty massive weekend in the life of our church.

Now what?

First, we praise God for all he has done in the last two years. Most of our book is unwritten, and the transition from one chapter to another is an opportunity for us to celebrate the past and dream about what is to come. As we look to the future, I think there are two main things to consider:

Over the last two years we have laid a healthy foundation, and the next season is an opportunity to build on that.

1) We have work to do.

Over the last two years we have laid a healthy foundation, and the next season is an opportunity to build on that, moving some things to the next level. As we tackle this challenge together, there are a few things we need to be doing:

Living missionally. Our most effective missionaries are our people. Moving to a new facility does create some new possibilities, and putting on an event like Family Summit does have some attractional appeal, but neither of these are the primary way we make disciples. These things are complementary to our strategy of engaging people, cultivating disciples, and multiplying ourselves.

Inviting. As we ramp up to this huge weekend, we all need to pray and invite people to join us for both days. While our vision and DNA are not changing, this space allows us to grow and adapt in some new ways, and we want to spread the word and invite others to be part of it. Make a list of 3-5 people you can pray for and then invite.

Developing leaders. Healthy living things grow and reproduce. There are systems in every living thing that must be functioning in a healthy way to allow for growth, and one of those for us is training and deploying new leaders. We are in need of new leaders to plant Missional Communities, help lead teams, teach in Remedy Kids, and disciple others. Do you aspire to lead? What steps are you taking to prepare yourself?

Developing our teams. We need to continue to develop our teams on Sundays (Cargo, Remedy Kids, Welcome, and Worship). If you haven’t been coming consistently on Sundays, we need you to start, and if you haven’t found a place to serve regularly, now is the time.

New gear. We will need some things to outfit our new space at the Y, things like more pipe and drape, supplies for Remedy Kids, tables, chairs, signage, etc. We’ve already been working on some of these things, and we are working hard to keep costs as low as possible. Part of this will mean some additional fundraising, and we have already begun that, as well.

If you haven’t been coming consistently on Sundays, we need you to start, and if you haven’t found a place to serve regularly, now is the time.

2) We need all hands on deck for this huge weekend.

This is going to be a very big and exciting weekend for us with the Family Summit and launching at the YMCA on consecutive days. It means lots of work that weekend. You guys have shown a willingness to serve that humbles and inspires me, and I am sure you will be there ready to roll this weekend, as well. Let’s all get mentally prepared for it, and please plan to be with us that weekend.

Dream About the Future

Think about all God has done. Names like Alex and Shelby, TJ, Melissa, David Ramer, Chad Cossette, the Johnson family, the Bartosh family, and many others come to mind when I think about how God has moved in his people and this church. It has been such a pleasure to be on this journey together. As we reflect on the past, may that move our hearts to dream about the future and all the things God is preparing to do in his people and this church. Who are the next Alex and Shelbys, Chads, David Ramers, or Bartoshes? What stories are yet to be told?

Psalm 126.3 says, “The Lord has done great things for us; we are filled with joy.” This is certainly true of us. As we move into the next season, thank God for the great things he has done for us. Pause and reflect on his goodness. Then ask him to do even more, and let’s together put our hands to the plow and press into what is ahead. We look forward to all God has in store. It will not all be easy. That we know. But doing it together and being part of the Kingdom of Light pushing back darkness gives us great joy and hope.

What stories are yet to be told?

More details will be coming in the next few weeks. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. We love you all.