I don’t know about you, but my heart is READY for the Advent season! After the year we have had, I’m ready to intentionally posture my heart to the promise that Jesus came to redeem us and will be returning to take us all home!

If you’ve never observed Advent, I hope you will consider carving out time to create new rhythms for your family that will help you focus on Jesus.

John Piper describes Advent as patient waiting and hopeful expectation. It’s a celebration that Jesus came to redeem His people and He will return again to this world as the conquering King. It’s a look back and a look forward.

There are so many great ways to celebrate advent in your home, but it might look different depending upon your stage of life and the age of your children. Hopefully the list below will give you some ideas and help you discern which would be best for your home. May the JOY of Jesus fill your hearts and home this Christmas season as we rejoice that He came to redeem us, and He will come again!

NOTE: Traditional Advent starts this Sunday, November 29th. If you want to order anything, you will want to act fast to have it ready by Sunday.

May the JOY of Jesus fill your hearts and home this Christmas season as we rejoice that He came to redeem us, and He will come again!

Advent Ideas

Jesus Storybook Bible Advent Resource

This is a FREE resource that utilizes The Jesus Storybook Bible, which many people already have in their home. This download comes with printable pages to make ornaments each day, as well as a few extra coloring pages. This would be ideal for preschool-early elementary children.

Advent Resources for Children and Adults

This is a wonderful collection of ideas for both children and adults from Risen Motherhood. There are many book recommendations for all ages, as well as music and hands-on advent ideas. Check out this resource, for sure!

Jotham’s Journey

The Jotham’s Journey books are a family favorite of so many! Your elementary children all the way through adults will appreciate these action-packed, truth-filled readings each day. These books take approximately 15-25 minutes of reading each day, but I promise you will be left of the edge of your seats each day, waiting for what comes next! If you’ve never read the books before, you should start with Jotham’s Journey and follow the list on this link. You will only read one book each year. This website gives you more information about the series and answers questions you might have. They are also available to purchase through other sites where books are sold.

Book of Luke Scripture Journal

If you have older children, teens, or just adults in your home, consider reading the book of Luke throughout the month of December. There are 24 chapters, so you can take one each day and then come back to Luke 1 and re-read the story of Jesus’ birth on Christmas morning. You can simply read this aloud or you can purchase this scripture journal of the book of Luke. Each family member can illustrate something that stood out from that day’s reading right beside the scripture.