Exposing Unbelief in the Presence & Promises of God

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This week we covered Joshua 15-17, and saw the continued distribution of the land to the people of Israel. We specifically saw the following encouraging realities in the text:

  • Caleb walked in whole-hearted obedience to God’s command to take possession of the land.
  • The daughters of Zelophehad approached Joshua and claimed their God -iven inheritance according to the word of God.
  • Achsah boldly asked her father (Caleb) for a blessing.

Which of these realities most encourages you to run to and follow Jesus?

We also saw the descriptions of the people of Jospeh not being able to take possession of the land, blatantly disobeying the command to drive our the inhabitants of the land, and also making the inhabitants of the land their servants as opposed to driving them out. Given these realities of the people of Jospeh, we drew the following conclusions about them, and ourselves:

  • We cannot walk in obedience to God’s word if we are not empowered by God the Holy Spirit.
  • We blatantly disobey God, and justify our disobedience, for self-serving purposes.
  • We sin because we believe that anything we can accomplish or experience on our own is better than the presence and promises of God.
  • The root of our sin is unbelief in the gospel assurance that Jesus is better.

The fruit of unbelief in the gospel promise that Jesus is better looks like:

  • Dissatisfaction with God’s provision
  • Presuming upon God’s grace
  • Fear tied to existing spiritual enemies and their weapons
  • Forgetting and/or not knowing the promises of God

Which one of these fruit issues is most convicting to you?

We need to be reminded that God’s provision for us will come through walking in obedience to His promises.

What step(s) of obedience is Jesus calling you to this week?

May we all be reminded this week that our ability to continue following Jesus and making disciples hinges on God’s presence and is anchored by His promises.