Serve our city at the 4th of July Parade & Picnic in the Park

The 4th of July is a big day in our city. The day kicks off with a parade through downtown and ends with Picnic in the Park, sponsored by Remedy Church, in Getzendaner Park.

This is an “all hands on deck” day for us as we serve our city. We have lots of opportunities to participate on the parade team and on the park team. The parade team will pull, ride on, and walk beside the float while we pass out goodie bags to the thousands watching the parade.

The park team will set up, run, and clean up the Picnic in the Park. Hundreds from the city will join us in the park for food, drinks, and games, and this is an incredible way to serve our city and introduce lots of people to Remedy Church.

We need your help!


When: July 4, 8:30am-1:30pm (depending on what team you’re part of)
Where: Downtown for the parade & Getzendaner Park for the Picnic

To sign up for the parade team or the park team, email Bryan Wooten.