December 23rd, 6pm
Ferris Heights Methodist Church’s building

Join us at 6pm on December 23rd as we celebrate Christmas at Remedy Church. We’ll have coffee, hot chocolate, and cookies, sing Christmas songs, have a Christmas story for kids, and celebrate the coming of Jesus into the world to live among us and pay the debt for our sin. This will be the culmination of our Advent season.

Our Christmas service is a great time to invite family and friends to celebrate Christmas with us at Remedy. This will be a family event.

Childcare details: We will have childcare for kids two and under. Kids three years old and up are encouraged to participate in the Christmas service with their parents, and we will have activities for them.

Location details: Ferris Heights (108 Center St.) has graciously offered to let us use their space. This will not be a joint service. It will be our usual Christmas service, just in a new place. This will be a nice, already decorated space that we can get into early in the afternoon, and we are thankful for their generosity. Their building is at 108 Center St., at the corner of Center St. and Brown St. See it here in google maps.

Stay for coffee, hot chocolate, and cookies: Immediately after we finish, we will have a hangout time with coffee, hot chocolate, and cookies. Plan to hang around for a little while, enjoy some sweets, and catch up before we all scatter for Christmas.


When: Sunday, December 23rd at 6pm
Where:¬†Ferris Heights Methodist Church’s building (108 Center St.)
What to expect: Hot chocolate, coffee, and cookies, Christmas songs, stories, and teaching and a great time together

Details of our Christmas Service

Date: Sunday, December 23rd
Time: 6pm
Location: Ferris Heights Methodist Church’s building, 108 Center St., Waxahachie, TX

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