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What is Secret Church?

Due to hostility from the government, from the surrounding community, and even from their own family, many of our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world are forced to gather in secret, sometimes at the risk of their lives.

With few opportunities to gather and little access to biblical teaching, our persecuted brothers and sisters may meet for eight to twelve hours at a time simply to sing, pray, and study God’s Word. This God-centered focus is a helpful corrective to the desire for entertainment that characterizes many church gatherings in the U.S.

The format of Secret Church is inspired by these “secret” gatherings taking place around the world. We will teach, hang out, and worship together as we dig into God’s word. Prayer for the persecuted church is also a major part of every Secret Church gathering. We remember those who cannot meet openly, asking God to sustain their faith, to change the hearts and the actions of their persecutors, and to use their witness for the spread of the gospel.

Prayer, Fasting, and the Pursuit of God

Our culture is constantly telling us that we can achieve anything we set our mind to. Sadly, many followers of Christ and many churches have adopted this self-sufficient mindset, relying on their own wisdom and abilities instead of relying on God. But what if we were never intended to be self-sufficient? And what if God has designed us so that our greatest satisfaction is found as we depend on Him fully for everything we need?

In Secret Church 19 we’ll take an in-depth look at the Bible’s teaching on prayer and fasting. We’ll see that our inabilities and weaknesses are the very place where God meets us with His strength and sufficiency. We’ll also see that faithfulness to the mission of Christ requires depending on the Spirit of Christ. Through prayer and fasting, we demonstrate our need for God’s power and our desire for his glory.


Date: Friday, April 26
Time: Check-in begins at 5:30pm; Screens go live at 6pm
Location: Hosted at Ferris Heights Methodist Church
Cost: $10/person (covers materials and snacks)
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