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Advent at Remedy

For many of us, Christmas comes like a whirlwind and is gone before we know it, with much of our attention drawn to gifts, food, and family. While none of those are bad things, the purpose of Christmas is to celebrate God sending Jesus into the world to save us from our sins. Gifts, food, family, and other things can be part of that celebration, but if we are not careful, the season is consumed by them.

Advent is designed to help us avoid that. It is a season recognized by the church that traditionally starts four weeks before Christmas. The purpose of Advent is to help us avoid rushing into Christmas, but instead to anticipate it, reflecting on what it means, and to cause us to rejoice at the coming of Jesus. This year more than ever, we need to fix our eyes on the hope Jesus brought and still brings.

Advent is a season designed to remind us of the darkness and despair of our own hearts, that God promised to rescue us from that darkness, and that he sent Jesus, born as a baby, to become that rescue.

Advent is designed to remind us of the darkness and despair of our own hearts, that God promised to rescue us from that darkness, and that he sent Jesus to become that rescue.

Sundays During Advent

We have focused the month of December around the season of Advent. The messages on Sundays will direct our focus together toward the first coming of Jesus as a baby and all that it means for us, as well as his future second coming to restore all things. Both remind us that our hope is in Jesus alone!

We will also sing Christmas songs and read kids’ stories together, and at our Christmas service on December 19th, our kids will present “Remedy Kids Re-Tell the Christmas Story.”

This is a great season to invite friends, family, and neighbors to hear about and experience the true meaning of Christmas!

Listen to current and past Advent messages

Songs for Advent on Spotify

Christmas Service

Our Christmas service is on Sunday, December 19th, at 6pm and will happen in Ferris Heights Methodist Church’s auditorium. This is always a special day together, and we encourage you to invite many family, friends, and neighbors to be your special guests as we celebrate the arrival of Jesus together!

Details of Our Christmas Service

Advent with Derwin Gray

We are using Derwin Gray’s video series, Advent, as a personal and family resource during each week of Advent. We will post a link to a new video each week and one on Christmas Eve. Each video is around 10-15 minutes and also comes with a study guide.

Check out the series

Advent Bible Reading Plan

This reading plan slowly works through the promises of God and the longing of his people, leading up to the arrival of Jesus on Christmas. It’s a 31 day plan, but many of the readings are short and can be combined to customize it to your schedule.

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Advent With Your Kids

Check out our ideas and resources to help you walk through this Advent season with your family.

Advent Family Resources

Night of Wonder

Night of Wonder is an event in partnership with many churches in Waxahachie to serve and support lower income families through the local schools. The event is happening on December 14th.

We are sponsoring Marvin Elementary and will be providing Christmas gifts and a hot meal for Christmas day for several of their students and families. The particular students have been assigned to individual Missional Communities, so talk to your MC leaders about that.

We will need a handful of volunteers for the event the night of December 14th. If you are interested in volunteering, please email Bryan Wooten.

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