We recognize that your home is the central place where your child’s discipleship takes place. Remedy Kids has always considered it a joy to come alongside you as you live out the gospel in front of your children and point them to Jesus in your everyday activities.

While we are waiting on the day that we can meet in classes again, we want to connect you with some great resources to help you in your family discipleship time. Remember, everyone’s discipleship time looks different. It might be a daily designated time or you might rather have one evening a week devoted to gathering around the gospel. Whatever your rhythm, we’ve included some things to help you.

Scripture Memory

If you want a video and memory verse to follow each week, check out these weekly lessons from our friends at The Village Church. You can even click on the blue box to view past lessons.



Singing and worshiping together as a family is a vital part of family discipleship. You probably have songs that you love, and we would encourage you to add anything from Seeds Family Worship. You can find videos on their Youtube page here:



If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can watch the series “Super Book,” an animated series of Bible stories.

If you have a Right Now Media account, there are many great options. Some of the videos even come with questions to discuss after you watch with our children. There are many great options here, but these are a few of our favorites:

  • SuperBook
  • What’s in the Bible
  • Seeds Family Worship
  • Phil Vischer’s individual studies over the books of the Bible

Need help starting family worship?

If you want to read more about starting family devotions at home, this is a great place to start:


If you have a resource that your family loves, please share it with us by emailing it to Beth.