Our job is to help parents make disciples.

The primary responsibility for teaching kids to love Jesus belongs to their parents. It’s daunting and a little overwhelming, we know. Add to that a world-wide pandemic, and many families are scrambling to keep some sort of structure for their children, especially in regard to their spiritual growth. We want to help you walk through this season and encourage, support and equip you to keep Jesus at the center of your home, routine and schedule.

Check out the content we’re pushing out for Remedy Kids and family discipleship here. You might choose to gather a few of your Missional Community families together and have a more structured time for children or you can stretch these throughout several days as they work with your family’s current routines.

We encourage you to lean into Jesus during these times. It is our conviction that it would be a tragedy to go back to ‘life as normal’ and leave behind all that God is seeking to teach us during this time. We pray that these resources will help you be intentional about making disciples within your home.

Sunday Worship Gatherings

During this season, our nursery through second grade classes are open. All other children will remain with their families during worship. While we understand this might be a hurdle for some, we are doing all that we can to make Sunday gathering with kids a win for your family.

The nursery will be open the entire gathering, and preschoolers through second graders will dismiss just before the teaching time (like they used to before COVID).

We will have Remedy Kids busy bags for each child that stays in the gathering. Each bag will have some type of fidget to keep little hands busy, individual packs of crayons, coloring pages and a snack. Your child will take home the bag and its contents each week. A new bag will be handed out each week.

Having our children in worship is a blessing for us, and we are not worried or bothered by a little extra noise or movement. We love our kids and value their presence with us as part of our family.

To get a glimpse of what Remedy Kids looks like under more normal circumstances, go here.

Email Beth to volunteer in Remedy Kids.

Our desire is to provide a safe place for kids and families that is helpful in teaching all our kids what it means and what it looks like to love and follow Jesus.