My name is Andrew Cody, husband to matter-of-fact Megyn, father to spitfire Rosalie and happy-go-lucky Adelia. I work all around the metroplex inspecting and servicing fire extinguishers and kitchen fire suppression systems. I like to watch sports, but am surrounded by girls who don’t, so you might see us on walks up and down Marvin Avenue and at the local Waxahachie parks frequently.

Megyn and I have been a part of Remedy since day one, and I currently serve as leader of our media team. We love the local church, and how God has chosen to use it for His ancient work. While we as a church do strive to be authentic about personal problems and shortcomings, we equally don’t want to just wallow in our sins. We want to help each other let Jesus change us to be more like Him.

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