Join us on Sunday mornings!

We meet at 108 Center St. in Waxahachie.
(Wesley Hall inside Ferris Heights UMC)
10am Coffee & Kids Check-in | 10:15am Worship Begins

A Typical Gathering

Our worship gathering is a laid back time for us to meet some new friends, encourage each other, share life a little bit, worship and pray corporately, and be reminded that our hope is in Jesus alone. At a typical gathering we:

  • Sing and worship together
  • Teach and study the Bible
  • Pray with and for each other
  • Tell stories of how God is at work
  • Celebrate communion

We’d love for you to join us. We typically drink coffee, catch up, and get our kids checked in from 10-10:15am and start music around 10:15. We’re usually done by 11:45 so you can have a conversation or get a head start on lunch! If you have any questions about our Sunday Gathering, please email us. We’d love to talk.

Gospel-Driven Music

All of our singing is driven by the truths of Scripture and the realities of the gospel. We design this time purposefully to direct our focus from ourselves to God our Savior and Jesus Christ our hope. Sometimes we have a full band. Sometimes it is a more simple, acoustic feel.

Biblical, Challenging Teaching

The Bible is God’s word to us, and all of it points to Jesus and his work, from beginning to end. Our teaching is deeply rooted in Scripture, allowing it to expose our hearts, call us to submit our lives to Jesus, and point us toward joy and full and eternal life. We typically teach through books of the Bible, with occasional series on other topics.

Listen to messages on our Podcast & Sermons page or in iTunes.

Engaging Kids Classes

We plan with kids in mind. We value their presence with us while we worship, and we also want to do some things that are age-appropriate and help them connect with the gospel on their level.

To find out more about what we offer for kids, check out our Remedy Kids page.

Have questions?

What time should I arrive?

Most people arrive around 10am to grab a cup of coffee, check their kids in, and find a seat. We would encourage you to do the same.

What are the worship gatherings like?

Our worship gatherings are laid back and focused on the presence of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. That means that everything we do–catching up over coffee, singing, teaching, praying–all of it is geared around the truths of the gospel and the hope in Jesus that we find in Scripture. We want to be the people of God in ways that are clear and relevant to all, and we believe that the truth of the gospel is what our changes hearts and lives.

Our music is more modern in style and is filled with gospel-saturated words and phrases designed to direct us toward the kindness and grace of God. Our teaching is deeply rooted in Scripture and centered around the truth of the gospel. We also pray and celebrate communion regularly.

What do you have for my kids?

At Remedy we believe that everything starts in the home. Our kids are a blessing from God, and it is every parent’s job to teach their own kids how to love and follow Jesus. Our goal is to come alongside parents in that journey, so we structure what we do with our kids in mind.

For our youngest Remedy Kids, we have a nursery that begins the moment you arrive. For the rest of our kiddos, we enjoy having them worship with us for a little while before they are dismissed to their Remedy Kids classes. We also have special family worship days, kids stories for special occasions, and activities for them to enjoy.

Click here to find out more about Remedy Kids.

What do people wear?

People dress in a variety of ways, and it tends to be on the casual side. There is no expectation on what you wear, and people wear whatever they feel comfortable in. Please feel free to do the same.

What if I don’t normally go to church?

That’s not a problem. We have a variety of spiritual and religious backgrounds ranging from lifelong church-goers to those who knew little about church until they found us. We work hard to make our gatherings relevant to everyone who comes while pointing intentionally toward the gospel and helping you connect with God. We want Remedy to be a place where you can ask questions, wrestle with the things of God, and find people to walk beside you on your journey.

I still have questions.

Great! Please get in touch with us when you’re ready to talk. We look forward to hearing from you.