What is the most effective method of evangelism?

If you just gave an answer that didn’t start with some version of the phrase “Well, that depends…” try again.

What is the most effective method of evangelism?

Most of you who answered it wrong the first time just repeated the same answer.

What is the most effective method of evangelism? Well, it depends. It depends on who you are trying to reach, but even that criteria is much, much deeper than we realize. The “who” is not just literally who they are. The “who” is affected by a myriad of other things like when you are talking to them, recent community or national events, recent family events, the season of the year, and a bunch of other things. So who are you trying to reach?

This video gives some great insight into answering that question. It’s a guy named Michael Frost, and he makes the accusation that most evangelism is prepackaged, predetermined, and has nothing to do with what will actually work in a particular context or what is relevant to a particular community or neighborhood.

In most cases we decide what works best or what we do best, and that is what people have thrust upon them, whether they like it or not. But incarnating the gospel, really bringing it to life right in front of people, means caring, listening, befriending, and investing for the long haul. so do your homework, and it is hard work, but commit yourself to it. Get to know your people, and flesh out the unchanging gospel message in a way that belongs in their neighborhood.

Check out the video: