Overview & Purpose

The purpose of our residency is to equip potential church planters with the character, knowledge, skills, and experience to launch a healthy gospel-centered, disciple-making, multiplying church. We will provide shepherding and training in the areas of personal and family growth, gospel understanding and application, personal and corporate disciple-making, church planting strategies and methods, and church leadership.

Experiential Learning

This 12-month residency is largely based on immersion in a church planting context and revolves around experiential and self-paced learning. The bulk of the content and exercises will be up to the resident to initiate and complete, along with regular meetings, trainings, and evaluations with our leadership and other church planting leaders.


The residency is based in an intentionally “missional” model of church. We will discuss various models of churches and strategies for planting, but the bulk of the experiences and content will lean toward a more simple, incarnational, relational, “every person on mission in their streams of life” kind of model and methods.


Residents must…

    • Meet biblical qualifications of an elder (1 Timothy 3.1-7, Titus 1.5-9, 1 Peter 5.1-5).
    • Be within 18 months of planting a church and have a track record of church leadership.
    • Be highly-motivated self-starters.
    • Raise at least $1000 per month for the duration of the residency (or $12,000 total).
    • Become full participants in the life of Remedy Church for the duration of the residency.
    • Submit to the leadership and coaching of Remedy Church leaders.


This is a paid position, and the amount varies based on the intended location of the plant and availability in our residency program. The resident will be asked to raise a minimum of $1000/month (or $12,000 total) regardless of where they are headed or personal financial needs.

Our highest level of funding is $2000/month plus whatever the resident raises.

Specific Areas of Training & Development

Personal & Family Growth

Gospel understanding & application
Spiritual, emotional, marriage & family, financial, and physical health
Clarifying the call to plant (husband & wife)
Identifying & developing spiritual gifts & leadership wirings
Doctrinal maturity, clarity, & articulation

Personal & Corporate Disciple-making

Kingdom first > Make disciples > Plant a church
Evangelism, gospel conversations, & missional rhythms
Understanding & analyzing culture
Training & growing people toward maturity
Developing leaders & multiplication
Counseling, shepherding, & conflict resolution

Church Planting & Leadership

Leading the way – Vision casting, building a launch team, mobilizing people, building teams
Multiplication vs. addition
Developing partnerships – other churches, in the community, prayer partners, and fundraising
Teaching & preaching
Church plant model (Ecclesiology)

    • Unique mission, vision, values, strategy, & measures
    • Worship Gathering, groups, kids, teens, men, women, families, CP & missions, serving, giving, etc.
    • Evangelism, missional rhythms, & engaging the city
    • Equipping the saints for ministry
    • Leadership structure
    • Milestones & timeline


    • Strategic planning, calendaring, & execution
    • Budgeting & administrative issues
    • Developing systems & processes
    • Branding & communication

Doctrinal convictions & priorities as a church

Methods of Training


Bible passages, books, videos/talks
Regular coaching meetings
Formal training


Writing assignments
Ministry observation & assignments
Conversations w/our ministry leaders & leaders from other churches
Q&A sessions w/coach (doctrine, vision, mission, model, etc.)
APEST wiring, StrengthsFinder, & DISC evals
Counseling (personal & marriage)


Serving on teams
Participating in and leading discipling groups
Developing missional relationships and having gospel conversations
Missional Community & team leadership opportunities
Staff/leader meetings & retreats
Church planting network events
Visiting other churches & planters
Fundraising meetings & coaching
Spending time in the planting context


Send Network Assessment Retreat or Excel Discovery Center
Development of milestones
Periodic evaluations

How to Apply

To start the process, email Aaron Clayton ([email protected]) with your name, phone number, and a few paragraphs about you, your family, your current role or involvement in ministry, and why you are looking for a church planting residency.

We look forward to hearing from you!