Extending the grace of God through serving.

A natural and appropriate response to the gospel is gratitude, wanting to serve both Jesus and his people, just as you have been given to and served by Jesus. There are multiple ways and places to do that, and we want all the people of Remedy to find a place that is both fulfilling and encouraging.

Check out the opportunities below, get in contact with a leader, and let us know how we can help you get involved and discover your gifts and passions!

Serve in your Missional Community

Missional Communities are spiritual families, and families share the load. You may be able to help with kids and teens, organizing food, hosting the gatherings, organizing follow up with new people, planning social events, or other things. In a Missional Community, everyone is a contributor. Talk to your leader about how you can serve the group using your gifts. If you’d like more information about Missional Communities, check out our Missional Communities page or email Aaron Clayton.

Remedy Kids

Kids are a major blessing, and discipling them is an incredible responsibility. Our goal is to come alongside parents and help them teach their kids the gospel through age-appropriate, safe, and fun activities. Making this happen takes a team of volunteers to lead out in kids’ areas, specifically on Sunday mornings in Remedy Kids. Opportunities include teachers, teaching helpers, kids’ worship leaders, welcome & check-in people, and others. For more info, email Beth Johnson.


Our primary outlet to serve with teenagers is in discipling and mentoring. We want teens to be connected to people who can mentor them, modeling the life of a disciple, while pointing them to Jesus and their parents. If you feel gifted and burdened for teenagers, this might be a place for you. For more info about activities with teenagers, email Bryan Wooten.

A natural and appropriate response to the gospel is gratitude, wanting to serve both Jesus and his people, just as you have been given to and served by Jesus.

Grounds Team

The grounds team is responsible for care of the campus, parking, set-up and moving tables and chairs, and various other things that help things run smoothly on our campus. For more info, email Grayson Haye.

Welcome Team

It’s hard to get connected to a church, especially if you don’t know anyone or you’re not familiar with church culture. The welcome team’s job is to help people feel welcome and comfortable, have a good Sunday morning experience, and take steps to get involved and connected at Remedy. It means greeting people with a warm smile, getting to know them a little, making sure they know where to go, and answering questions. For more info, email Melissa Dawson.

Media Team

A lot of sound and visual elements go into making the worship gathering happen. The media team is responsible for providing these elements in a way that supports and adds to the experience and does not distract from it. If you like gadgets, buttons, and technical stuff, this is the place for you. For more info, email Aaron Clayton.

Worship Team

A lot goes into leading worship, and this element is a huge part of our worship gathering. It’s probably the most talked about element in most churches, and it can be the most noticeable when something isn’t right. It takes someone with the right gifting AND heart to lead others in worship. The worship team’s responsibility is to lead the music portion of the worship gathering. For more info, email Matt Fisk.

There are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who empowers them all in everyone. To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.


1 Corinthians 12.4-7

Graphics and Communication

Anything that has a graphic design element or is intended for communication purposes, whether inside or outside the church, falls under graphics and communication. In the technological age that we live, it is important to communicate in the right way, through the proper channels, and with the right spirit and message. Our goal is not to be the coolest group out there or win anyone over by our trendy designs, but we do want our communication to support the message of the gospel and help us communicate it to those around us. For more info, email Aaron Clayton.

Administrative Assistance

There are lots of administrative jobs to be done in helping to keep things running smoothly in the various areas of Remedy. If you’re an administrative minded person who wants to serve in the details and put pieces in place to help others be successful, this is a good spot for you. Administrative elements don’t usually stand out the most, but they are vital to the church’s mission and have to be done with excellence. For more info, email Terry Cody.

Prayer Warriors

Prayer warriors are people who pray regularly, specifically, and fervently for the people and ministry of Remedy Church. This could cover a variety of things including leadership decisions, some who are sick or in the hospital, or for the lost in the city around us. For more info, email Ben Plaster.

If you want to serve in an area that’s not listed, get in touch and let’s talk.