As you do life in community and on mission with others, it is our great hope that you will become more experienced, more wise, more humble, more filled with joy and compassion, more skilled, and love Jesus more. This page is designed to give you a few resources to help with that. You’ll see articles, books, and helpful websites below, and scroll farther down to watch some videos that we highly recommend.

Where to Start

The first place we’d direct you is to Remedy Church’s Forming Missional Communities guide. This is an overview of what Missional Community leadership looks like at Remedy and how we form MC’s in our context here in Waxahachie, TX.

We would also point you to our Missional Community Startup Guide. This is a 4-session guide to help you think through the DNA of a Missional Community through the lens of the specific people, giftings, passions, and experiences who make up your MC.

Note: We have updated some of the nuts and bolts of our MC’s since this guide was made, but we still recommend it as a helpful resource for thinking through how an MC might look and function.

Helpful Videos

Forming Missional Communities

Jeff Vanderstelt explains the dynamics involved in forming a Missional Community. (31 mins)

The Desert Blooms Project

A story of rethinking what it means to be the church. (10 mins)

What is Missional Community?

Jeff Vanderstelt gives one short desription of a Missional Community. (2 mins)

Renovation Church

A story of missional community from Renovation Church in Atlanta, GA. (8 mins)

Our Neighborhood, Our Mission

See how one family is living on mission by doing ordinary things with intentionality. (5 mins)

Kids in Missional Communities

Jo Saxton with some great insight into how to involve kids in an MC. (3 mins)

Multiplication in Mission

Neil Cole describes the difference between addition and multiplication in our disciple-making. (16 mins)

Hospitality & Mission

Dhati Lewis talks about how to use your home as a tool to make disciples. (12 mins)

Missional Community Life

A story of missional community from Soma in Tacoma, WA. (14 mins)

Leading a Group Discussion

Bob Thune explains how to move from leader heavy discussions to robust conversation. (5 mins)

Leading People to Change

Bob Thune explains how we help people persevere to change. (5 mins)

Missional Living

A short, simple explanation of missional living. (3 mins)

Missional Church

A short, simple explanation of a missional church. (2 mins)