Let’s leverage Facebook together for the gospel!!!

Life is about relationships. The gospel is about relationships. Making disciples is about relationships. Any avenue for relationships is a potential avenue for the gospel and disciple-making.

We’re not trying to open up a Facebook discipleship school or anything (though I”m sure someone is doing that, ha), but we’re all on Facebook, and so are a bunch of other people that, just like us, need to know and grow in Jesus.

What’s the point?

Planting the gospel and making disciples is why we are planting a church, right? So why not use Facebook as part of how we connect with people? How many Facebook friends do you have? You know a lot of people, and all of those people know a lot of people.

Let’s leverage all of those relationships for the gospel!

Here are a few ways you can use Facebook to help us do that as a church:

1) Like Remedy’s page. Visit https://www.facebook.com/RemedyWaxahachie and click on “Like” at the top right, just under the header image.

2) Write a recommendation. Scroll down the page a bit and find the “Write a recommendation…” box on the right side. Click on it and right something snazzy about Remedy’s page. Yes, I said, snazzy. Lol.

3) Suggest that your friends “like” Remedy. Do this by visiting the Remedy page and clicking on the little gear next to the “message” button at the bottom right of the main page image. On the dropdown menu choose “Suggest Friends…” and then select all the friends you want to invite to friendship with Remedy.

4) Comment on and like Remedy posts and pics.

5) Share photos from the Remedy page on your wall. To do this, all you have to do is click “Share” underneath the image.

6) Mention things that Remedy is doing on your own wall.

Remedy Church is nothing other than you! Me and you are Remedy Church–it’s the people! So let’s leverage every opportunity for the gospel, including Facebook.

Let me know if you have thoughts or questions. Now let’s get out there and have fun :).