What in the world is a Missional Community?!

For those exploring the Missional Community world, or slowly learning to live in it (like our Remedy people), this is a great post. It gives a very good fly-by of the breadth and depth of what a strong, healthy Missional Community can be.

Be sure to read all the way to the bottom where he addresses the response, “That’s too much to ask.” It’s a response we often hear and that I myself agreed with once upon a time. By God’s goodness and grace I have come to see life differently as I have come to see the gospel and mission differently. Not only do I not think it’s too much to ask anymore, I have a hard time seeing how we will accomplish the task God’s given us without it.

I usually repost blogs here instead of linking to them because it’s one more click people have to make, but take a second to click, 5-8 minutes to read, and then 2-3 minutes to reflect.

“Missional Community Language is Changing,” by Logan Gentry