Welcome to the new Remedy-Church.com!

This has been a long time coming, and we’re excited to have a new online home. Hopefully it looks a lot more up-to-date and will work WAY better for all the phone traffic we get (sorry for the tiny, hard to read stuff!). It should be even easier to navigate, and it gives us the possibility to do a lot of new things.

But that’s not why we’re excited.

General Info….Yeah, We’ve Got That

One of the purposes of a church’s website is to make the right information available, and we certainly want to do that. Things like when and where we gather for worship, our mission & values, what we believe, and what kinds of things are going on that you can plug into…those are all important, and we want you to have easy access to those. I think we’ve improved all of those, and we’ve even added a few new things to make it simpler and easier.

But There’s More

In addition to being an easy source of information, we want our website to be a resource. We don’t just want you to use it as an information piece–we want it to be a tool for mission and equipping you for the work of ministry.

There are a number of ways you might use the information, tools, and resources you find here, but we want to highlight three:

Gospel Tools

We want to give you tools that you can use to process gospel realities and better prepare yourself to talk about the gospel, and we want you to be able to use them to actually do that. You’ll see pages with content, and you will also see videos and articles that you can digest or you can point people to. These are great tools to ask someone to watch and then have a follow up conversation about.

Equipping You

We also want to give you easy access to lots of things that will equip you for life and mission. We’ve created some new things (Recommended Reading page & Missional Community Resources page are a couple), but we have also put links to relevant tools on individual pages like Remedy KidsOrphan Care, and our Values. We hope this will make some of these helpful things more accessible to you, and we plan to update and add along the way.

Consistent Encouragement & Help

We all need constant encouragement, reminder, challenge, and help as we walk this road together, and we want to consistently give you that. We plan to use the blog a lot more, both with our own content and to link you to other things that we think will be encouraging and helpful. So check back often, or subscribe to the feed, and let us know what kinds of things you find most helpful.

A New Tool…Use It Wisely!

What we’re basically saying is that we want our website to be a tool for the mission, not just an online bulletin. We hope you find it helpful, and we want to know if there are additional things we can do to help.

Enjoy the new Remedy-Church.com!