Best of the Week: Pointing Our Kids Toward Jesus & the Church, Difficulties in Friendship, and Christian Girl Instagram

In Best of the Week we link to a handful of the best articles, videos, books, etc. that we have come across in the last week. We hope this will point you to some of the right places and give you tools and thoughts for life and mission.

How My Parents Taught Me to Love the Church

“Now please, don’t misread this as legalism. Church attendance doesn’t save anyone, Jesus saves. Church attendance won’t save your kids, only Jesus can. But part of imparting a love for Jesus to our kids means imparting a love for Jesus’ family, the church. If we tell our kids one thing about the church and undermine it with our time, they’re sharp enough to get the message.”

This was both encouraging and convicting for me–partly because we feel red in the face sometimes from saying these same things; partly because I still don’t do them with the faithfulness and consistency I should, even as a leader. May God grant us the grace to devote ourselves to each other and demonstrate that with our time.

10 Tips for Leading Kids to Christ

“If you are seeking to influence little ones toward Christ, you might find these ten tips helpful:”

Very concise, and very helpful. I’d recommend you read this, talk about it, bookmark it, and come back to it.

Great Quotes from “Centered & Sent”

“What is happening in our society? We’re losing the middle ground between people who truly believe the gospel and those who reject it. Cultural Christianity is dying. The ‘nominals,’ year by year, are gradually becoming the ‘nones.’”

Centered and Sent was a conference put on by The Summit Church as a conversation around how the church must be both culturally relevant and radically distinct. The featured speaker was Tim Keller, and the rest of the lineup was just as good. I would love to have gone, but since I couldn’t you can join me in taking advantage of the cliff notes version of the conference.

When There is Unexplained Distance in a Friendship

“I’ve come to realize that avoiding the hard conversations is actually loving myself and my own safety and comfort more than it is loving other people in the way Christ would have me love them.”

This applies to both men and women. Our mode of disagreement in the church is often not to fight it out, but to avoid it away, and that’s not any better. We have to be men and women willing to have hard, undesirable conversations for the good of each other, the church, and the Kingdom.

Christian Girl Instagram

“From the best-selling author of Shameless Workout Selfies comes Christian Girl Instagram.”

Just discovered John Crist. Get ready to laugh (as long as you can laugh at yourself).

Have a good week!