It’s Votin’ Season!

It’s hard to believe, but the 2016 Presidential election is upon us. This is the time every four years when we get the privilege of selecting our own leaders. As much of a mess as this particular election seems to be, we can take some satisfaction in the reality that we get to democratically select our own leaders, and, in comparison to most other countries in the world, they lead us in ways that are for our good, at least in theory.

Of course they make buckets full of mistakes, just like I do and you do, but when we look at the world’s governments, we’re unique in many ways, and for that we should give thanks to God.

What You Do (or Don’t Do) Matters

Early voting started today (Monday), and so as the time to choose is upon us, I want to encourage you to approach the election, how you will participate in it, and whether you will at all with thoughtfulness and intentionality. Pray. Ask the Lord what his will is in these days, especially with the candidates we have been presented with this time around. And as you vote, or don’t, and who you vote for, think most about how what you say AND what you do both have great implications on how people around you see the real King you serve. Ultimately, our hope is in him. Let’s align our hearts with him and his Kingdom first.

Why (And How) Christians Should Still Vote

Probably the best (and most thoroughly concise) discussion I’ve seen about the dynamics of this election have come from J.D. Greear and The Summit Church. If you’re still processing and trying to figure out what to do, I’d highly encourage you to read these two pieces, and if you have time, watch the video. They are very thought-provoking, fair to all sides, and saturated in gospel-centered thinking:

Why (And How) Christians Should Still Vote

Who Should We Vote For This November?

Gospel and Politics Forum

Regardless of who you vote for, or whether you do at all, let’s ask the Lord to generously show his mercy and compassion to us all.