Best of the Week for January 23

In Best of the Week we link to a handful of the best articles, videos, books, etc. that we have come across in the last week. We hope this will point you to some of the right places and give you gospel-rich tools and thoughts for life and mission.

How to Live Under an Unqualified President

“Today we will inaugurate a man to the presidency of the United States who is morally unqualified to be there. This is important to say just now because not to see it and feel it will add to the collapsing vision of leadership that enabled him to be nominated and elected.”

This one maybe a little shocking to some who supported Trump, especially if you click the links included. It’s hard to argue that President Trump is a model we should emulate. So how do we live under, and even honor, him?

Why Christian Girls Read Cosmo Magazine

“Cosmo fills in the blanks biology didn’t cover. It delivers specifics mom and dad were too awkward to discuss. Most Christian girls assume they can filter out the “bad stuff” when reading Cosmo’s sex columns, or perhaps ignore the sex stuff completely – but in the end, they’ve absorbed an alternate sexuality.”

This is ultimately a plug for a book (that I have not read), but the article itself is still very powerful and true. How, and if, we talk about sexuality has a lot to do with how we see God and his glory expressed in every part of who we are. Phylicia says we can do better, and I agree.

Mike Pence Did Not Sign a Law Allowing Businesses to Refuse Service to Gay People

“Anyone who remembers what happened in Indiana in 2015 should be appalled at how irresponsible and inaccurate this statement is from The Washington Post. Mike Pence did not sign a law that allows business owners to refuse service to gay people.”

This article is an example of how biased and propaganda-ing media reports can be. It’s sad, really, but it teaches us an important lesson. There are always two (or more) sides to a story, and we should strive not only to be accurately informed, but to accurately represent the truth and not settle for something because we agree with it.

True Leadership is Sacrifice, Not Privilege

“Mark this, husbands and dads, pastors and presidents, the very essence and heart of leadership is taking initiative we otherwise wouldn’t take and making sacrifices we otherwise wouldn’t make, to guide our people somewhere good they otherwise would not have gone.”

To most of the world, leadership is about power, glory, and recognition. But to the Christian, leadership is not about self; it is always about others–primarily Jesus and secondarily those you are leading. Our new president can take a lesson from this, and so can the rest of us.

This is Why I’m Thankful to Be an American Today

“I’m thinking about Zimbabwe, where the 92-year-old Mugabe is planning on running for president again–in another sham election–in a country he has held (and destroyed) in his iron fist for 36 years.”

A little perspective can do us all a lot of good.

Have a good week.