Best of the Week for February 13

In Best of the Week we link to a handful of the best articles, videos, books, etc. that we have come across in the last week. We hope this will point you to some of the right places and give you gospel-rich tools and thoughts for life and mission.

When They Say Parenting Gets Worse

“We warn each other. We warn non-parents. And you know who listens? Those little ears who squirm in booster seats. Those teenagers who sulk behind you. The kid who sits on the couch and peeks above the book while you commiserate with a friend over coffee.”

This is a thought-provoking article because it challenges something most of us do with no ill intent. It’s just sort of ingrained into us. But it is right? Is it good? And equally as important, does it honor our kids, the ones we’re talking about and our own? “I hope we can look at their exhausted young faces while they bounce an infant and truthfully say, ‘It only gets better from here.'”

52 Things to Text Your Wife

“Too often men fall into the trap of trying to hit a home run on Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary, and Christmas because they’ve been distracted for the rest of the year. If you do a good job of nurturing your marriage, (1) what you do for your wife on the big days will be more meaningful because you’ll know her better and (2) whether you hit a home run will be less important because you’re not making up for anything.”

We need to pursue our wives always, in big moments and small ones. The technology of text messages makes it MUCH easier. It just takes a little thought. (Wives: please do not forward this to your man unless it is to say “thank you for doing this” or start a heartfelt conversation. No passive aggression.)

What the Gospel Means For the Transgender Debate

“If Christians are to offer both clarity and compassion to those struggling with these issues, we must first recognize that what is really at stake is not a ‘culture war’ or political clout, but real people. That means it won’t be enough to merely knock down a rival worldview; we must show, in word and deed, that the gospel really is good news—even better than the promises of the sexual revolution.”

This is a conversation about a recent book, and it carries a good overview of the problems with the “transgender” worldview and some specific ways the gospel lovingly speaks life into it. We’ll probably all need to have this conversation at some point, with those inside and outside our own homes.

The Deadly Deceit in Material Desires

“The formula God’s blessing = life comfort is a deadly one. And it’s not an isolated issue either. Unfortunately, the equation seems to be ingrained into so much American Christianity.”

This one struck me because so much of our culture, Christianity included longs for and strives toward material blessings. It’s why the prosperity “gospel” is so popular. If we’re honest, we all want prosperity on some level. But these desires can be dangerous for us when not checked by the gospel.

Pastoring People Through Slow Change

“What most people don’t know is that Newton (the writer of Amazing Grace) wouldn’t stop his trade of slaves for another ten years after his conversion! Yep, he used to drop off his cargo and go for walks across the meadow to think and pray. But, over those ten years, God slowly brought Newton to a deep conviction that the slave trade was wrong.”

Don’t tune out because the title says “Pastoring.” The process of people changing is usually very slow. Even if they show signs of change quickly, it usually takes a cycle or two…or 8…of falling back before we see real, lasting change. It doesn’t mean we don’t hold to a high standard, but we must also be patient, remembering that we are also slow to listen and slow to change.

And something a little light-hearted and a little interesting…

How Much of the Air Above Your Property Do You Own?

Nothing too series here. Just a piece of quirky, interesting info.

Have a good week.