We just finished week two in our Origins: Stories From Genesis Series. This week Bryan tackled Genesis chapter 1 and the six days of creation.

One of the verses contained in that section reads like this: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1.27)

In chapter two we are going to see the specifics of how God created the man, how he formed the woman from the man as his “suitable helper,” and how he brought them together as one flesh in the first marriage.

Sexuality, Gender, and Marriage

There is so much contained in these few¬†verses…so much that applies to the slippery, shifting, cultural landscape we are living in with regard to sexuality, gender identity, the definition of marriage and family, and roles within those marriages. While we could do a whole series of sermons here to address each of those topics, we do not think that is the point in the big picture of what God is doing in Genesis, and so we want to keep the flow moving, focusing on the things it seems like the text itself focuses on.

God’s Design

We do think there is value in pausing here to address these topics, as they are intensely relevant in our culture, and we actually did that in the Fall of 2015. So rather than tackle those issues again this time around, we are going to reference them and include them in the progression where they fit, and then refer you to our series called God’s Design for a more thorough look into sexuality, gender identity, and marriage.

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