Best of the Week for July 10

In Best of the Week we link to a handful of the best articles, videos, books, etc. that we have come across in the last week. We hope this will point you to some of the right places and give you gospel-rich tools and thoughts for life and mission.

Thank God for the Idea of America

“These unalienable rights, we must note, are not granted by the Declaration of Independence. Our rights do not depend upon government for their existence. They are not owing to the largesse of the state or the beneficence of any institution. The rights of man are the gifts of God.”

This is a very balanced and thoughtful article on love of country. For those who, like me, struggle with the “America is better than everyone else” sort of feel to a lot of our patriotism, this is a good read and a balanced way to feel love of country while the Kingdom of God remains our treasure.

Do You Need Help Reading Your Bible?

“Is this how you approach your Bible each morning — with a deep sense of helplessness and hope? John helps us to recognize both our helplessness and hope so that by God’s merciful assistance, we might see.”

One thing we like to do here on Best of the Week is recommend great resources, and this is a GREAT resource for helping you understand the how, but also the urgency and the conviction underneath why we read the Bible.

Becoming Fluent in the Gospel

“Formal training alone does not make one fluent. You become fluent through immersion in a gospel-speaking community and through ongoing practice. You have to know it, regularly hear it, and practice proclaiming it.”

This article is very simple and a great start at what it means to be gospel fluent. Just like becoming fluent in a language allows us to function in a certain country, the language of the Kingdom of God is the gospel, and we can become fluent in it as we are immersed in hearing, articulating, and living it.

From What Got Done to What God Did

“If someone asked David what he’d done the day the events of 1 Samuel 21 unfolded, “survived” would’ve been a legitimate answer. Psalm 34 doesn’t say a lot about David’s accomplishments; instead, it focuses on God’s.”

I’m not good at looking back, but looking back is a good thing. As we look at back at what all has been accomplished, it can give us a sense of “success” in times when we might otherwise feel fruitless. But even better than looking at what we’ve done is looking at ALL that God has done.

Should Christians Attend Gay Weddings?

“Regardless of people’s individual opinions, one thing is certain: this is an issue that will NOT go away. While there is a strong trend toward evangelicals attending gay weddings in the name of Christ’s love, I have to say I believe it is more loving to God and to the participants to not encourage them to think their union is good and healthy, when God’s Word shows otherwise.”

Randy Alcorn is right: this issue is not going away. Sooner or later, most of us (if we are not insulated from the world that does not know Jesus) will be invited to a gay wedding. There are multiple ways to answer the question, but the key issues are 1) What do you think God actually says about it? 2) Have you thought through your answer in light of the gospel and Scripture?

4 Tips for Dealing wth Procrastination

“Procrastination is a tricky little problem that can take different and even opposite forms. Procrastination can come in the form of laziness or the form of busyness.”

If we’re honest, most of us struggle with procrastination at some point or another. Tim gives 4 very practical steps to help conquer it.

Have a good week.