Best of the Week for September 18

In Best of the Week we link to a handful of the best articles, videos, books, etc. that we have come across in the last week. We hope this will point you to some of the right places and give you gospel-rich tools and thoughts for life and mission.

8 Strategic Decisions That Serve Your Mission

“The goal is not simply knowing how to articulate the means of coming to Christ, but how to facilitate and enable the person to progress from a point of having no relationship with Christ to one where they are even able to consider accepting Christ in a responsible fashion.”

This one is written primarily to church leaders, but don’t get stuck on that. It has some very good application to the life of every believer, particularly when it comes to a thoughtful and purposeful approach to wanting to be God’s ambassadors to the world. We need help, and here are a few good perspectives to think through, particularly #’s 1, 2, 3, & 7.

How to Fight Anxiety

“My response to the person who has to deal with feelings of anxiety every day is to say: that’s more or less normal. At least it is for me, ever since my teenage years. The issue is: How do we fight them?”

This one is short, but a great reminder of how we continue to fight against anxiety and for faith in God because he does really care deeply for us. I’ve had to wrestle anxiety and worry to the ground in my own life these last couple of weeks.

Letter to a Would-Be Adulterer

“Ask yourself if your legacy is worth destroying for a moment of stolen pleasure. Your sin will quickly turn into a bitter aftertaste you’ll be spitting out of your mouth for the rest of your life. But God is positioning you and your wife to bless the generations yet to come. Embrace the vision!”

This one is pointed and appropriately heavy…and we need its pointedness and weight. It’s written to the person tempted toward adultery, but it applies just as well to porn or a number of other things. Read and think. Thank God for this timely warning, whether you’re feeling particularly tempted or not. And then obey God, loving the things he loves and hating the things he hates.

6 Traits to Look For in a Spouse

“If you’re single and desiring to be married, you will find that taking the Bible seriously will prove to be the best dating guide in the long run, rather than the superficial criteria the world urges us to focus on.”

This one is very practical and cuts against the things society almost forces on us. We need a good dose of common sense and wisdom, especially when it comes to finding a lifelong spouse. Enjoy.

A Strategy for Daily Bible Reading

This is one man’s approach, but it’s good to see into the habits and routines of one of this generation’s greatest theologians.

Have a good week.