Hurricane Harvey hit one of our own.

We’ve talked multiple times about the disaster in south Texas and what we as a church can do to help. I’ve also seen many of you posting about how you intend to, and where. I’m proud of you.

On Sunday we let you know of a need that starts right in our own Remedy family. One of our own families, Jon and Aimee VanOmmeren, own a house in Baytown that they lease out. It was flooded along with so many other houses, and they have just started the recovery process. They need this property up and running as rental income ASAP, and that will only happen after the costly repairs have happened.

As of right now, their two biggest needs are money and skilled labor to help with repairs like flooring, drywall, and cabinet installation. So, if you are able, we’d like to ask for your help.

Repair Help

If you are able to travel do Houston in the next week or two to help with repairs, will you please call or text us at 972.767.9895? We will get some basic info from you and then get you connected with Jon.

Financial Help

If you are able to give to help offset the cost of this disaster, you can do that through theĀ Give page on our website, and 100% of what you give will go toward Hurricane relief. Please be sure to indicate “Harvey Relief” when you give.

Please continue to ask the Lord to provide for the VanOmmerens and to comfort them during this stressful time.

Thank you for being generous with your time and your possessions.