Best of the Week for October 30

In Best of the Week we link to a handful of the best articles, videos, books, etc. that we have come across in the last week. We hope this will point you to some of the right places and give you gospel-rich tools and thoughts for life and mission.

Why Should I Go To Church?

“My jazz musician father often said of my elementary educator mother, ‘She always reminds me where 12:00 is.’ Who helps you find your bearings when you’re unsure how to navigate an increasingly complex world?”

There are lots of articles that come along about this topic, and most of us always need to hear them. Life gets busy, and hard, and we need each other for the journey…deeply. But the devil would subtly convince us that gathering isn’t important.

A Case For Analog Disciple-Making

“You need more than good content to disciple you; you need godly Christians. While content from Christians may aid in your discipleship process, you need real-life flesh-and-blood, Spirit-filled Christians around you to help you become more like Jesus.”

In a day where digital media has made SO many great resources available to us, we are lured into thinking that they alone can produce spiritual maturity in us. But they are rarely more than knowledge until they, and many other things, are applied to us in the context of life together with other people.

How to Diagnose Your Discouragement

“We all face the cloudy days. I’m not talking about depression or mental illness here; I’m talking about the days when we question if our lives matter, if what we’re doing counts for anything, if God is at work. I’m referring to what Hebrews 12:12 calls “drooping hands and weak knees”: the discouragement that comes with simply living.”

This is from Christine Hoover, who spoke at our ladies retreat in September. I read it on a day I was discouraged, asking the exact questions above. It was timely, pointed, and VERY helpful in diagnosing the root of my discouragement. I highly recommend this.

Five Parenting Myths I Used to Believe

“Like every difficult thing in the world, the rewards of parenting help me weather the challenges. The hugs, the laughs, the smiles, and the blessing of seeing my kids grow dwarf the sometimes-heartbreaking realities that accompany raising children. To experience the good times, I first had to abandon some ridiculous preconceived notions and myths I believed about parenting.”

A good, thoughtful post for all parents. Read a little, think about yourself and your kids, laugh a little, cry a little, and ask God for his help. We’re all constantly in process, so embrace the process.

Six Secrets That Will Change the Way You Pray

“Solomon ordered his life around the assumption that the promises of God were true. Wisdom means aligning your life around the promises of God—not becoming more moral or filling your head with more Bible knowledge. It means living in a way that if the promises of God aren’t true, you would be a fool.”

We always need more fuel for an ordered and disciplined prayer life, and this is a great, thoughtful article to point us in that direction.

25 Bible Reading Tips

Exactly what is says…25 short, simple tips, in a list with little commentary. It’s a quick read, and you can take away a few new pointers or reminders to help you persevere in Bible reading.

Have a good week.