Best of the Week for November 6

In Best of the Week we link to a handful of the best articles, videos, books, etc. that we have come across in the last week. We hope this will point you to some of the right places and give you gospel-rich tools and thoughts for life and mission.

3 Keys to Listening to Sermons

“This is why opening your Bible and following along as your pastor preaches the Word is so important—it will help you see what your pastor sees in the text, which will help you to learn how to read the Bible well on your own.”

Just a few good, practical points to help you make the most of the teaching time on Sunday mornings. There is such a thing as active listening, and when we do the “work” of listening when we gather, we will get more out of it, both individually and collectively.

The Problem With Personal Bible Reading

“Our view of personal Bible reading often leads to this line of (subconscious) thinking: Because what is done individually has most authentic meaning, the most significant and helpful thing I can do to realize my spiritual growth is prioritize my own Bible reading and prayer. In fact, such is the significance of me having my own one-on-one time with God that sitting under God’s word alongside my fellow believers is less valuable than my own individual engagement with the Bible.”

This one is pretty counter-cultural to our American selves, and there is so much to consider here. If we really are the people of God, with a shared identity in Jesus, doesn’t it make sense that much of our interaction with him and his word should be done in some gathered setting?

What If Tomorrow is Even Harder Than Today?

“The question goes something like this: If tomorrow is as difficult as today, or is even harder than today, how will I go on? Maybe you have felt the weight of that kind of despair.”

If you haven’t already asked that question, chances are you will–probably more than once. While the bad news can be paralyzingly (is that at word?) bad, the good news is that there IS hope, and that God is not surprised or rendered ineffective by any of these things.

What Does It Mean to be Missional?

This is a GREAT, simple explanation of the word missional, which can be incredibly overused and over-applied in today’s Christian subculture. Do you think missionally?

Why Do You Have a Phone?

“Our phones used to be a means to relationship, a means to work, a means to ministry. The iPhone suddenly made the means an end — or perhaps better, a means to me.”

There are tons of things out there talking about how our phones are affecting us, and this is a very worthwhile conversation. We MUST decide how we will utilize our phones for good and for God’s purposes. If we do not consciously think about leading ourselves in this area, our phones will consume and lead us.

Beauty and the Beast as Told by Grandpas

If you know anything about Beauty and the Beast, or have little girls, this is a pretty funny grandpa version.

Have a good week.