Best of the Week for April 2

In Best of the Week we link to a handful of the best articles, videos, books, etc. that we have come across in the last week. We hope this will point you to some of the right places and give you gospel-rich tools and thoughts for life and mission.

Why is the Abortion Industry Run by Women?

“Meanwhile, in another corner of the animal kingdom, a man tears apart a woman’s child, inside her womb, and all the other women applaud. In any normal world—not even a virtuous world, just a normal world—how would the other women respond to that situation? Obviously, we would weep for her. Grieve for her. Demand justice for her.

“Instead, the women of America band together, wear pink hats, and demand that they be allowed to pay the man to do it again to someone else. Further, they insist that everyone be required to chip in and pay for him to do it to millions of other women.”

This article is provocative in the best way. If we as a nation could get outside of our bubble at the bottom of the slippery slope we would see how ludicrous the decisions millions of women (and men) make to kill their babies are.

Comparing Missional Community to Other Common Church Paradigms

“’That’s not possible; it’s too much to ask!’ This is usually the response I hear [when describing missional community], and it’s accurate to an extent. In one sense it raises the bar for the church and Christianity, but it also forces us to ask why the bar was set where it is now?”

It is so hard for most of us coming from almost any other traditional or common church model to shift our thinking into an all-of-life, missional community approach. It just takes time, effort, teachability, and honesty. But when we can make the shift, it gives us life and demonstrates a healthy view of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Are You Pretending to be Happy?

“The real secret is that while we’re swimming in money, comfort, and entertainment—and countless books on happiness—we’re still starving for happiness. All the new titles published each year do not prove we’ve figured out what will make us happy. They’re evidence of famine. Thousands of pages of cake pictures piled in front of crowds fainting for lack of food.”

The life Jesus promises us is filled with joy, but we spend so much time pretending to be happy–either to appease ourselves or other people.

The Enduring Effects of a Parent’s Daily Chatter

“When Paul exhorted fathers to ‘bring up…children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord’ (Eph 6:4), he certainly meant they should strategize formal ways of training their children. But non-scripted communication with children teaches them, also. With that in mind, here are three questions to help parents begin evaluating the way they talk to and around their kids in more relaxed settings.”

This one is short and really practical. Just about everything we do has an effect on our kids, especially over the long haul. So what are we putting into them, especially in those unintentional times?

Not the You You Remember

“Women don’t develop signs of age by sitting in the shade. A morning spent in the sun at the park chasing toddlers, an afternoon at a track meet cheering on a nephew, or a week in El Salvador providing dental care for the poor will eventually show up on your face. A wrinkled face is the sum of many days of living, days full of hard work, tears, and smiles.”

This one is written to women primarily, but it applies just as much to men. It’s great…trust me.

We Do Some Weird Stuff

I throw a lot of John Crist into Best of the Week, so this is a great watch. It is an interview with John that gives a lot of the background behind his life and comedy. And it’s funny!

Have a good week.