Rejoice in Hope! Jesus has come and is coming again!

Last week we started our Advent 2018 series called Songs of the Season. Our first song was O Come, O Come Emmanuel. It’s a perfect song for the Advent season, as we linger just a little while in our own sorrow and longing for things to be made new, and then rejoice in hope, even in sorrow, that Christ has come. He has come bringing salvation, and will one day come agin, bringing restoration and glorious perfection to all things!

We spent most of our time unpacking the phrase “Rod of Jesse” from the song. We looked at Isaiah chapter 11, and saw that the “rod” of Jesse is a branch that will spring up from the stump of Jesse. That is Isaiah’s prophetic and poetic way of saying that hope and new life would spring from something long thought dead. Go here to hear the full message. 

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O Come, Emmanuel Resources

In my prep for the message I came across a few resources on the background of the song and a few versions of the song itself that I think you might enjoy.

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