Need some easy ways to get started?

During our MC refresh the last several Wednesdays we’ve talked some about how to live “missionally.” We want to give you cultural and biblical motivation for why it’s important, and that God asks and equips us for it, and we also want to give you really good steps to take. We’ve tried to do a lot of both.

I came across something this week that I think can help:

This is a short video (about 5 minutes long) of a guy named Brad Watson giving a few really simple and implementable (is that a word?) practices you can start putting into your weeks that will help you take some tangible steps toward living on mission.

As with any tools or steps, you’ll have to take initiative to actually do them, but they’re not real hard to do. It will just take a little thought, effort, and purpose. I hope it helps.

On the mission with you,
Aaron C

Video Credit: Saturate