Make the most of Sabbath by planning ahead.

The Summer Sabbath is part of our annual rhythm at Remedy. We build it in on purpose to make sure we acknowledge that God is our provider and that rest and reflection are important for us all.

The summer and fall seasons are pretty full for us as we press hard into mission and life together. With that in mind, it is healthy to schedule in a season of rest so that we always work from a place of rest and purpose.

(For more information about Sabbath and what Remedy’s Summer Sabbath looks like, read our article:
Summer Sabbath: Work From Rest.)

Our Sabbath dates for 2019 are July 15-August 3.

During this time we will not have any formal Missional Community gatherings during the week or regular worship gatherings on Sundays. We will be back together again on Sunday, August 4, ready to roll into the new school year.

Because we have a lot of intentional engagement in our city and community events going on in the summer and early fall, we want to ask and encourage you, as much as possible, to plan any Sundays away, family vacations, or other trips during our Summer Sabbath. We know that’s not always possible, but if your dates are flexible, we’d like to ask you to plan ahead to be able to fully participate and fully rest.

Over the last couple of years we have seen God do some really encouraging things in our lives and in our hearts as we have both pressed hard into mission during those seasons and rested and listened well during those seasons. We hope, pray, and trust that this year will be the same.

So as you plan, do so with the big picture of Spiritual Family on Mission in mind, and let’s together ask great things of God and expect great things from him.