Ancient Work Today

My wife and I have been a part of Remedy Church since day one. There was some fear of the unknown but much excitement to leave where we were to go help launch and start Remedy. 

All In

One of the early things we learned was that every single person had to pull their weight in some capacity for the church to function and truly be the church. In order for Remedy to edify the believers, to reach the lost, and to worship Jesus, we all were responsible. If one person or family missed a Sunday or Missional Community gathering, we all felt that. We all missed their presence to encourage us and serve Remedy, and for us equally to do the same for them. There was no room for spectators in our church. If you tried, it was really clear.  

Missional Communities, or small groups, have been vital to our spiritual growth. Many people have greatly grown as believers because of this. There have been great needs in many families and in ours these past eight years. In some ways, missional communities serve as mini-churches as they regularly meet in homes, serve the community or members, and study Scripture. 

Saturated in Scripture

One thing that has been vital to Remedy is the totality of Scripture being taught. This includes the difficult subjects that can quickly make you unpopular. One example is the truth of suffering is all throughout the Bible. So, suffering has been addressed on Sundays and discussed though missional communities. Our elders have not wavered from preaching the truth of Scripture. From experience, when serious health issues hit our family, when I lost my job and we had no money, and when learning one of our children may be labeled as someone with special needs we didn’t lose faith. Those circumstances were greatly difficult to live through and still are, but we have a firm understanding of spiritual suffering and God’s sovereignty in the midst of it because of the teaching at Remedy. Also, the spiritual family we have through Remedy to lean on has been absolutely necessary to come out on the other side and still be standing daily.

I truly love the ancient work God has done and how he is, today, including Remedy in that.