He is a Miracle Worker!

Watching us go from an idea to what we see now is nothing short of a God sized miracle. I remember having interest meetings about going to help plant a church, the discussions about what to call this new church. We, then, moved to Waxahachie not having any idea how this would work or what it would look like. God was with us then just as He is now.

I remember the first bounce house we bought. I remember the first 4th of July parade we were a part of, and the first time we had to relocate. In all these things God brought the people we needed when we needed them. He has created a place and fostered a culture where people can come and experience true community within the body of Christ. He has brought us all together and given us the privilege to enjoy and extend restored life to this community.

Brought Together for His Glory

I’ve seen just about every person that’s ever walked through the doors at Remedy Church. Years of watching people come together to grow and serve the Lord. I’ve never been around a people that walk so well with one another, people that truly love each other. God has done, and continues to do, amazing work in and through this church body. It is truly a blessing to walk with this body, and I cannot wait to see what He has in store for us next. He is a miracle worker!