Introducing the Gospel According to Mark

We recently started a new series walking through the book of Mark together called A Better King.┬áMark’s Gospel is interesting in that it is considerably shorter than the other two synoptic gospels, Matthew and Luke. Many of the stories Mark includes in his writing are shorter than what you see in the other gospels, and Mark’s style is filled with action, using the word “immediately” over and over again to introduce his stories.

We are calling this series A Better King because Mark is presenting Jesus as just that. He shows how Jesus is the coming Messiah and King that the people had heard about and waited for. But the predominant Jewish idea of the Messiah at that time was not at all what Jesus came to be. They were expecting a conquering ruler who would restore the Jewish nation to political dominance, but Jesus came to be and do so much more. And that is what Mark intends to show his readers–that Jesus was, and is, a better King than they even imagined, and that the implications of his Kingdom far outweigh temporary political power.

During our series we will dig deeply into the life and ministry of Jesus. We will specifically look at who he is, what he came to do, and what he is calling his disciples to be and do.

Below you will see a couple of resources to introduce you to Mark’s Gospel. One is a short introduction from the ESV Study Bible. The other is a video introduction to Mark’s Gospel from The Bible Project.

Our prayer is that God will give us a renewed sense of love and devotion to Jesus as we study his life story and that God will grow in us a deep desire for spiritual growth and mission. Enjoy!

A brief introduction to Mark

Video Credit: The Bible Project