While we are all sheltering in our homes, I am missing your kiddos so much! I close my eyes and I can see classrooms full of smiling children, eager to gather together and dive into God’s word. When all of this has past, I don’t think I’ll take our Sunday gathering for granted ever again. When you go without something for so long, you become more aware of the joy it brings to your life. However, for this season, God has sent us to our homes, but I know He still has good plans for us!

I am praying that we will use this gift of time wisely. I don’t want to just fill it with things that don’t matter. Many of you have children in your home who have lots of extra time on their hands. I want to challenge you to see this as a gift from the Lord to help your children grow their roots down deep in Christ.

Helpful Resources

To help with that, I have gathered a list of resources to assist you in discipling your children. I’ve also included some great academic sites, as many of you are now schooling your children at home. Thank you to Stefanie Higgs for helping with this list!

Click here to see the list.

Let’s Get Together (Digitally)

I know your kiddos miss being together so much! I would like to offer grade level zoom calls for the children to get online and see each others’ faces. If you want your child included in the calls, please email [email protected] with your child’s name and grade level. I will send a zoom meeting invite back to that address. For this week, we will keep the following zoom schedule:

Sunday, March 29
2:00 – Preschool
2:45 – Kindergarten/First Grade
3:30 – Second/Third
4:15 -Fourth/Fifth

I am praying for all of you!  Our Father has a plan, and our hearts can rest in that. I’m certain He will use these days to bring about so much good, and by His grace, we will walk out of this season changed for the better.