Things have changed a lot in the last 10 days or so as our state and nation respond and adjust to the spread of the Coronavirus. Since our last online gathering almost a week ago we have learned that it’s going to be a while before we will be able to gather all in the same room again.

So what does that mean for us going forward?

Worship Gatherings

Until further notice, we are postponing our corporate Worship Gathering and we will gather around an online experience. We will be live on Facebook Sundays at 10am.

This will not be a full service, but we will pray together, study and teach from the Scriptures, sing a little, and talk about how we live in this season. We would encourage you to make plans to join in together each week as we continue to walk together in the things of Jesus.

Check out our Making the Most of Our Online Gatherings guide.

Missional Communities

Because of the unique dynamics of this pandemic season, we have the unique opportunity to lead with Missional Communities, and we believe that will lead to some very healthy things in our church.

We feel that we are uniquely designed for a time like this because of our emphasis on life together in Missional Communities. We want to encourage you not to run from people or isolate yourselves, but to look for unique, wise opportunities to be with people (or connect with them digitally) and to live as the people of Jesus above all. Let’s love our spiritual family and our neighbors well during this season, putting the grace and love of God on display to people all around us.

Because every family situation and every MC is different, we are going to leave the specifics of when and how to connect up to each individual MC, and we want to encourage you to act with both faith and wisdom. Your MC leader will be in touch (if they have not already) about ways your group can stay connected, serve each other, press into growth in the gospel, and love your neighbors.

Remedy Kids & Teens

Our Remedy Kids team is working hard to put together some resources for our kids and families. There will be a printable resource for parents to use with their kids on Sundays, and we will be releasing videos to help our kids connect and grow during the week. Stay tuned for all that.

Remedy Teens and families, stay tuned to the Remedy Teens Facebook group.

Live Generously

The word generosity makes a lot of us think first about money. Generosity certainly includes money, but we mean much more than that. This is not a season to hoard or prioritize self-preservation. This is a season to leverage whatever God gives us for his Kingdom. So we want to encourage you to be generous with your time, your possessions, your toilet paper and hand sanitizer, and yes, your money.

We trust the Lord to provide financially for us as a church in this time, and we will seek his face to that end. As we do, we want to encourage you to continue your generosity through giving by using our online platforms. A lot of you already use these, but if not, we have several easy options for you, including text giving.

We would also encourage you to look for financial needs around you, especially unforeseen needs that have come up as a result of all the changes we’ve seen. We are exploring larger needs in our city, and we will update you on those as we have more information.

We understand that uncertain economic factors may affect some of us greatly. We want to encourage you to continue to trust the Lord and live with generosity. We also want to help those of us who need it, so please keep your MC close, and if you know of a need, you can let us know here. You can also submit prayer requests here or on our app.

Download the app

The app will help you stay connected in all kinds of ways: online giving right on your phone, get updates, download and listen to sermons, register for events, pray for each other, and a lot more!

Check out our post explaining how best to use the app.
Download the app.

Our Methods May Change, But Our Identity Has Not

The current state of affairs doesn’t change our identity as the people of God at Remedy Church. Let’s be encouraged as we are reminded of who we are in Christ and what it means to enjoy and extend restored life in Jesus. We are confident that God is working all things, including the events around the spread of this virus, for our good and the glory of Jesus. May we keep our eyes on Jesus as we engage those around us with the hope of the Gospel in the days ahead.

One of the main struggles many of us have is busyness. Well, you are about to get some time back! Use it wisely. Use the extra time you will have to connect with the Lord. Look for ways to serve your church family and your neighbors. Connect with people, listen to their stories, talk about what God is doing, and bless those around you. Remind yourself every morning that you are part of a gospel community on mission, and look for ways to live it out.

We love you, church!

Your elders,
Aaron, Bryan, Shelby, and Nathan