Photo by Ian Valerio on Unsplash

Stir crazy. Groundhog Day. Bored. Routine. Pajamas and sweats all day everyday. These are all words we are using to describe this sheltering in place reality we’re in. Think about that: you knew exactly what I meant when I said “sheltering in place.” It’s a part of our vocabulary now, and it will forever be part of our cultural history.

But you’re over it. I know. We’ve been here for a while, and while there may be some signs of things letting up, we’re not there yet. We’re going to be here for another minute or two.

So now that the newness has worn off, we’ve transitioned, we’re Zoomed out, and we’re ready for change, but no change is coming…what do you do?

The Mission and Purpose of the Church Haven’t Changed

While we’re all ready for the lockdown to end, God pushed us into it for a reason. While I’m over it, and all I can think about is what I’ll do when it ends, God has a plan right now in the middle of it. Unlike us, he’s not waiting for it to end. God allowed all of this to take place for a purpose, and he wants to accomplish his purpose right in the middle of it.

The mission we had, that Jesus gave us, is a mission we still have today.
The purpose of the church two months ago is still the purpose of the church today.
The people who needed help and hope then need help and hope now.
The marriages struggling then are struggling now.
The people who needed to hear about Jesus still need to hear about Jesus.
The orphaned and foster kids who needed a home still need a home.
The immature believers that needed to be trained and equipped still need it.

The setting has changed. The way we have to go about life has changed. But the mission hasn’t. And neither has God’s purpose for the church. So I want to encourage you not to wait for this crisis to end. Don’t press pause on the most important things. Seize every single day, even a coronavirus day.

Think Creatively and Live With Purpose

As a church, we are having to think creatively about how to live out our purpose and mission, and so are you. We are having to shift some resources, and so are you. We are having to reassess what things matter most and how to prioritize them, and so are you.

To help with that we’ve put together a series of videos (see below) to get you thinking about what it looks like to live with purpose in these days. We’ve structured them around the three lenses of Up (connecting with God), In (caring for and discipling each other), and Out (extending the gospel to others). We would encourage you to watch, think creatively, make some lists, pray, talk to family and friends, pray some more, and then go live with purpose, making the most of the days we’re in.

I love you, church!