We know a lot of you have been wondering when we plan to gather again, and we’ve got some answers for you. A few things I want to preface our plans with (and please don’t skip this…I’ll keep it short)…

  1. We aren’t re-opening. The church is the people of Jesus, and we have been open and functioning! We are very much re-gathering.
  2. “As the Lord wills” Everything we say right now fits under this phrase. It’s all subject to change.
  3. Work hard to show grace to each other. We don’t all agree on a lot of things right now, and that’s ok. Let’s show love and understanding and pursue unity.
  4. Re-gathering is only one piece of a larger plan to best follow Jesus and make disciples in this coronavirus season.

With all that in mind, there’s a brief overview of our re-gathering phases below, precautions that go along with them, and a few results from the survey we sent out. If you scroll down you will see the video we made for a conversation with our covenant members explaining our plans in more detail (and timestamps for several sections listed below the video).

A lot can change in the next few weeks and months, so let’s manage our expectations and plan to be flexible and adjust. Let’s work hard to care for each other and those around us. With the Lord’s leadership and help, we’ll be a stronger church on the other side of this. And let’s not forget that he has a purpose in it.

Precautions for Regathering

ReGathering Survey

Timestamps for the video

0:00 – Things to keep in mind & our survey
3:47 – Regathering phases
9:37 – Remedy Kids
12:21 – “When can we meet again?” is not the biggest question
17:44 – Romans 14 encouragements