When will we gather again?

Church, we are in uncharted waters. None of us have been down this road of navigating a pandemic and what that looks like for a local church (or a family). Our governor has placed these decisions in the hands of each church to decide, and there are a number of complicated and emotionally-charged factors to consider, so the decisions are not easy ones for us as leaders or for you in your own family.

So, as we have conversations about meeting and not meeting, and how to go about those things, let us agree together on two phrases that we need to constantly say to ourselves and to each other…

“As the Lord wills”
“Show grace to each other”

Most of what we all say and plan right now needs to be covered by these two phrases.

Things We’re Weighing

We have had a series of conversations among our staff and elders about when and how to begin to regather. Many of you also filled out the survey, which was very helpful as we discern what the Spirit is saying, so thank you for doing that!

We are thinking and praying through what regathering looks like across the board, not just on Sundays. We want to come up with an approach that is not simply what might be preferred, convenient, or fearful, but what best helps us live as disciples and as a gospel family and make disciples in this unique time.

We are weighing a number of things. A few examples are:

  • Potential risks of the virus, particularly to our children and the most vulnerable among us, as well as how our gathering potentially affects others outside of our church (the reopening of many businesses and public places adds an unknown factor to that)
  • What gathering for a worship gathering, MC, or other activity might need to look like, and what is actually helpful and productive vs. too restrictive to accomplish much
  • If and how Ferris Heights would be open to letting us use their sanctuary to gather in, which is a multi-layered conversation with their board
  • What is responsible and reasonable to do with our kids
  • Our desire to be together to encourage each other and worship, and our need for community
  • What it really means to be the church

The Next Two Sundays

For the next two Sundays, we will continue to livestream an online worship gathering, and we would like to invite any who feel comfortable to gather with another family or two and watch together. If you do, we know this will introduce some new elements, and we encourage you to be wise, safe, flexible, and patient as you navigate those. We have prepared a resource to help you think through how best to gather with another family or two on Sunday mornings.

For those who do not feel comfortable gathering with others at this point, please know that we understand and support you in that, as well.

With so much unknown and these being uncharted waters, we do not believe that either gathering with people or not gathering with people are the “right” answer. Each person needs to thoughtfully, prayerfully, and with faith approach what they feel is best, and then act as the Spirit leads (Romans 14.5). And let’s all agree together to show grace to each other.

After the Next Two Weeks

Conversations are ongoing as we pray and do our best to listen to the Spirit. One of those is the conversation with Ferris Heights about using their sanctuary. Our plan is to have some longer term answers at our covenant members conversation on May 17th (covenant members should have received an email with details about that). For those who are not part of the Remedy covenant family, we will post our plans online at that time.

Pursuing Peace in a Difficult time

As we figure these things out together, let’s all consciously live in the spirit of Romans 14.3 & 19…

  • Let not the one who eats (or gathers) despise the one who abstains, and let not the one who abstains pass judgment on the one who eats (or gathers). Romans 14.3
  • So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding. Romans 14.9

And remember, most of what we all say and plan right now needs to be covered by our two phrases…

“As the Lord wills”
“Show grace to each other”

We love you, church.