As we walk through this Advent season together, we want to take some intentional steps to point our hearts toward the hope and grace that we have in God sending Jesus into the world to save us from our sins.

One of the ways we are doing that is through our access to RightNow media (If you don’t have a RightNow account, email us, and we’ll get you set up). We are posting weekly Advent videos from Derwin Gray’s short series called Advent. He walks through different aspects of what it means for Jesus to be our King and how those relate to the Christmas story.

Each video is around 10-15 minutes long and comes with a study guide. We hope this will help you slow down and focus your heart as we reflect on the joy that Christmas brings to those who know Christ. You may even want to watch them with your Missional Community or family and friends as a way to worship and reflect together.

Click here to see the fourth video