An Intro to Advent

Listen to the message here. Watch it here.

We kicked off Advent this week. The word “advent” is a Latin word that means “arrival” or “appearing.” It is a season celebrated by many churches to mark the lead up to Christmas and to focus our hearts on the longing of past saints and the rescue that God brought when he sent Jesus into the world.

We talked about why Advent is an important season for our church and each family, and we looked at a passage in John 1.1-5 & 14 that reveals to us the greatness and glory of Jesus, who is the Word of God made flesh.

We said that no earthly frame, system, or language could ever hope to contain the unfathomable glory and power of Jesus, who is God. But as impossible as that was, the infinite and uncontainable glory and power of God became human lived among us.

Because that reality is so impossible for us to understand (Romans 11.33 calls God inscrutable and unsearchable), it takes time for us to even start to get our hearts and minds around it. And that’s what the season of Advent is all about.

So we talked about 6 ways to be intentional this Advent season…

  • Slow down and be in the Scriptures
  • Start and maintain traditions
  • Be intentional with music, video, and decorations
  • Spend time with people
  • Give your time and money
  • Worship together

Let’s spend this Advent season reminding ourselves and each other, and telling the people around us, that the infinite glory of power of God became human and lived among us when God sent Jesus.

Discussion Questions:

  • As you read the passage and listen to the sermon, what do you sense God saying to you? To our church?
  • What things encouraged you? What things challenged you?
  • What things tend to compete for your time and attention this time of year and distract you from really worshipping Jesus? Are there particular things you can point to right now that are stressful or distracting?
  • What things burden your heart this Advent season that you need to talk to someone about or spend time in prayer about (or both) to help you lament and hope in Jesus?
  • What are 2-3 activities or routines you can intentionally schedule or build into your days and weeks to turn your heart (and others’ hearts) to Jesus first and most?
  • What step of obedience do you sense the Lord leading you to take?