Children’s Workers Preparation

Dear Remedy Team,

In order to provide the best protection and care for our children, and the children that we are entrusted with through the ministry and outreach of Remedy Church, we are requiring all of our volunteers, children’s teachers, and child care workers to complete a background check and child safety training. We are asking for your participation and help with the following:

Steps Toward Keeping Remedy Kids Safe

1) Complete the confidential Background Check Authorization form with your signature and return it to Michelle Bartosh.

Click here to download.

2) Watch the Safe and Secure child safety training video (34 min.), answer the questions from the Child Safety Training Answer Sheet, and return it to Bryan Wooten.

Click here to download the questions.

Click here to watch the video.

(This video was designed by the IMB with international volunteers in mind. A minor two-minute segment is geared toward this, but the remaining content addresses pertinent and wide-ranging child safety issues, which are applicable to our setting.)

3) Follow up with Bryan. Email him with any questions.

Email Bryan

We are so thankful for your willing cooperation as we all seek the safety and security of our kids.