We Heart Hachie!

Remedy Church loves our city. In the Bible God tells his people to seek the welfare of the city where he has sent them(Jer. 29.7), and for Remedy Church, one of those cities is Waxahachie. We love our city, and we are highly interested in the good of our people!

Practically speaking, that means a variety of things from using our bounce houses to participate in family events in the city to lending a hand with physical or financial needs as we are able. We can’t do everything, but we can do some things, and our desire is to be a noticeable blessing to the city and its people.

Offering Help in Times of Need

One specific thing we want to do is serve the people of Waxahachie when we are able, especially when they are in need. We all have moments or seasons of loss or struggle. We know how those times feel, and part of our mission is to offer tangible help and hope in those times.

If you have a need, or know of someone who does, please click the link below to email us. We will gladly consider how we may be able to help and will inform you of what we can do.

Thank you for letting us know about your need.

Request for Assistance


I Heart Hachie Shirts

We love wearing our green “I Heart Hachie” shirts to show our love for this city and our commitment to being part of life here. If you like them, too, and want one for yourself, a friend, or a group, we’d love to make that happen. They cost $15 each. Click the link below to email us for more info.

Order “I Heart Hachie” Shirts