What is the Missio Dei Offering?

The Missio Dei Offering is our annual missions offering. In addition to what you give regularly to Remedy Church, we are asking every individual and family to ask the Lord what he wants you to give specifically to missions. There are a few ways the Missio Dei money will be used:

  • To fund work among our adopted unreached people group
  • For international missions in general
  • To help fund our own mission trips
  • To help us plant new churches
  • Serving Waxahachie and Ellis County through our “I Heart Hachie” campaign
  • Orphan and foster care

We will give 20% of what is received directly to international missions through the International Mission Board. All other money received will be used with discretion in one of the areas listed above. 100% of all money given to the Missio Dei Offering will be used to fund local and global mission.

Why is it called Missio Dei?

Missio Dei is Latin for Mission of God. God’s mission is to glorify himself by saving people from every language and nation, reconciling them to himself, and calling them to follow Jesus as his disciples. Our mission is to extend that message of salvation and reconciliation both locally and globally, ultimately reaching to people groups where there is little or no gospel witness.

The Missio Dei Offering is one way we are intentionally making mission a fundamental part of our DNA.

When will the offering be given?

We encourage families to give systematically throughout the year. A family who gives $50/month will give $600 over the course of a year while many families may not give $600 in a one-time offering. By giving systematically we will give more and we will observe the biblical principle of giving to God off the top of our income, not from what’s left over.

In addition to giving systematically during the year, we will have a month-long emphasis in December. This time will be used to focus on the need, commit ourselves to prayer, and give generously. We encourage each family to make a monthly systematic giving commitment in December for the coming year. We will use the month of December to prayerfully consider our commitment as well as prayerfully fulfill our commitments from the previous year.

How can we give?

You can give to the Missio Dei Offering the same ways you give to Remedy Church: check, cash, automatic withdrawal, or credit card, at our worship gathering, by mail, or online. We just ask that you designate the gifts for Missio Dei Offering. For more info on ways to give please see our giving page.