We just wrapped up our month-long Missio Dei emphasis, but I want to take one more opportunity to challenge and invite you and your family to come along with us on this journey.

Our Missio Dei Offering is our way of investing intentionally into missions financially. We have done a number of things in other ways as a church to build mission into our DNA from the ground floor, and this is our way of making sure that our money follows our mouth and that our vision really is for making disciples and planting churches, both in America among the least-reached peoples on the planet.

What we are asking all of our people to do it ask yourself how you can give generously and SYSTEMATICALLY toward this missional cause ABOVE what you would normally give to the ministry of Remedy Church. Ask the Lord what he wants you to give and how he wants you to be part of this.

When we say systematically, we mean making a commitment to give regularly throughout the year–weekly, monthly, quarterly, or some other regular interval. Most of us will be able to give more if we make a commitment and set it aside regularly than if we try to make a one-time offering at the end of the year.

So as you’re making goals and plans for 2013, will you purposefully set aside a little time to pray about this? And then will you act in faith and obedience as the Lord moves you? We are excited about where we are headed as a church and especially about where God will take us as we faithfully devote ourselves to making disciples among all peoples.

We look forward to the future together.